Importance of Choosing a Professional Wedding Catering Service

Weddings in India are a big deal. They are no less than any other festive occasion and are celebrated with high spirits, beautiful decorations, music and dance, colourful costumes and exotic food. Latest wedding trends reveal that guests care the most about the food than anything else.

Whether a wedding is planned in a hotel or marriage hall, the importance of catering in a wedding is invaluable. Weddings in India vary regionally as per personal preferences of the family and bride and groom. Amidst flamboyant ceremonies, a lot of emphasis is given to the food served at a wedding.

Importance of Catering in a Wedding

If the food served is great, your guests will remember it for a long time. The right balance is really important when it comes to selecting the wedding menu. While there should be something for everyone, the food served should be of top quality. It’s always better if the food choices are an amalgamation of flavours, types of cuisines, variety of food items and top-notch presentation.

In Indian weddings particularly, it is essential not only to get the taste of the food right, but also a certain level of service and hospitality is maintained.

Choosing the right food and catering for your special day may seem like a more challenging process than selecting the venue and clothes because on the main day the food is the main attraction for all your guests.

This further enhances the importance of catering in a wedding. It’s important to choose the services of an expert who not just understand the taste of you and your partner but also have the ability to cater to the five hundred to thousand odd people. The meals served should be satisfying enough. As food is what brings people together, the quality and service just cannot be compromised.

Tips to Choose a Wedding Catering Service in Bangalore

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Now that you know the importance of catering in a wedding, let’s take you through some expert tips you must remember while selecting a professional wedding catering service in Bangalore.

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Our tips are curated for Indian weddings and we assure you won’t go wrong with this:

  • The inclusion of local ingredients: Off late, one of the latest trends in the wedding catering space involves delicacies being prepared with local ingredients. Check with your caterer if their menu is inspired by local flavours. In Indian weddings, guests really enjoy traditional food made with local ingredients. Fusion food has also gained popularity. Your wedding caterer should be well-versed in preparing exotic dishes using diverse flavours.
  • Live counters: DIY stations or live counters are extremely popular at weddings these days. The whole experience of a dish prepared live in front of the guest can be exciting for them and has thus become a really popular concept. You can have a live chaat counter, barbecue counter, unique dessert station and more.
  • Serving style: An important factor when choosing a wedding caterer is getting a sneak-peek into their catering equipment. Check if the catering company provides all the tableware, cutlery and setup. Also, ask them if they do buffet lines or elegantly plated meals. In South Indian weddings, guests are served on plantain leaves, while in most modern Indian weddings you tend to see buffet meals. When you choose a professional caterer who has been in the business, you just have to sit-back and relax as they’ll take care of everything.
  • Balance in food and service: Striking the right balance is essential when it comes to selecting the food menu. There should be something for everyone and the food served should be of top quality. Ask your wedding caterer if he offers an option of pass-around starters. In weddings, guests love indulging in little treats as they walk around. If the quality of the food served at a wedding is great along with service, guests will really appreciate and acknowledge the hosts. Thus, sit across with your caterer and see if he’s ready to provide you a certain level of hospitality along with a fine spread of food items.

Significance of Hiring Professional Wedding Caterers

  • Reduces stress: Though weddings are fun for the guests, they tend to become very stressful for the host. If you hire a professional caterer, they’ll take care of everything and literally become your one-stop solution.
  • Keeps guests well fed: A good caterer knows how to keep your guests well fed. Based on your requirement, they’ll plan the meals for the Engagement, Pre-wedding party, Sangeet, Mehendi, Pool Party, Cocktail or anything else.
  • Caters to diverse needs: As professional wedding caterers in Bangalore know the tricks of the trade, they will constantly give you valuable insights on what kind of food your guests will enjoy. They have the capacity and capability to offer unique and diverse dishes from all around the world.

There are no two thoughts about the fact that the importance of catering in a wedding just cannot be overlooked. If you’re looking for professional wedding catering services in Bangalore, Bhandarys Kitchen has all your requirements covered.

Our entrée selection has been specially curated for everyone to enjoy. Thus, if you have any special requests (Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Vegan,), we’re all ears.

Have a wedding coming up? Book your tasting session, today! We promise to customize a menu that meets your needs and budget aptly.

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