Top 5 Criteria to Consider when Choosing a Veg Catering Service

Importance of Event Catering Services

Veg catering services are an indispensible part of any event. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a private party, food will always be a focal point. It can literally make or break the event. While monitoring the quality, flavour and appearance of the food is important, there are a lot of other factors I consider when choosing a veg catering service near me.

Client presentations, board meetings and business seminars often last for an extended period. Thus, it can be extremely tiring for the attendees as well as the hosts.

To achieve meeting targets and keep attendees engaged and interested, you need to present them with good food and drinks.

It’s the responsibility of the Food & Beverage Manager of a company to choose the best event caterer in order to provide guests with delicious yet wholesome food.

Beyond providing excellent food and service, it is also the duty of the caterer to pay attention to the multitude of details involved in an event.

These days, the demand for veg catering services near me has increased tremendously. With a lot of people taking the vegetarian and vegan route, the demand for caterers offering no-meat options has increased.

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Top 5 Criteria to Consider when Choosing a Caterer

With this article, I aim at providing you with five important criteria I consider when choosing a veg catering service near me.

  1. Ability to handle your type of event: Not every caterer is perfect for every kind of event. May be a catering service provider did a great job at friend’s wedding but that doesn’t mean they’re the perfect fit for your corporate event too. Every caterer has their area of speciality. Prior research of the catering company is a must. Check with them if they’ve done events similar to yours in the past. It’s always better to set your expectations in the first meeting and tell them the type of food and presentation you are looking at. It’s also important to communicate to them that it will be a vegetarian fare. If their ideas seem promising, you may go ahead.
  2. Menu Flexibility: If you’re hosting a corporate event or private party, it goes without saying that you’ll want to offer your guests the very best. That’s where menu flexibility comes in. Most caterers these days stay ‘in the zone’ and offer standard menu options across varied cuisines. When you setup a meeting with, you’ll be able to gauge if they’re willing to offer options beyond their set menu. If a caterer isn’t willing to tweak its menu to suit your requirement, that’s a red flag. Ask them if they’re willing to work on items that will suit the theme of your event. Since you want to host an all vegetarian affair, ask if they provide vegan, gluten-free or children options as well. Never hesitate to ask your caterer questions.
  3. Willingness to provide tastings: How will you know what a caterer can do unless you sample their food? Signing-up with a caterer without tasting their food is a complete no-no. When zeroing down on a catering company for your corporate event, check with them if they offer a tasting session. Some business owners shy away from asking caterers for sample because they think it may be a hassle for the caterer. However, that’s their job. If they don’t have the ability to cater to a tasting session, can they cater to a group of hundred odd people? Sounds doubtful! Therefore, always make sure the caterer you choose gives you a full-fledged tasting session. 
  4. Quality of the Food: I’ve seen a lot of guests complain that the quality of food served at corporate events is not up to the mark because it is prepared in large quantities. Well, that’s no excuse. While your guests do look forward to the food served at an event, they’re only going to remember your event if the quality of the food served is top-notch. When considering the quality of food, don’t just focus on appearance and taste. Ask your caterer from where they source their ingredients. Check if they’re using oil and butter from renowned brands. You don’t want your guests falling ill. If the quality of food they prepare seems promising, you will be able to make an informed decision.
  5. Provides Great Value at a Budget: Definitely, an important factor when selecting a caterer. If you have a limited budget, tell them about it. Most menus of various caterers are priced at per person. If agreeing upon the lowest price means compromising on quality, I would suggest you don’t. It’s always better to pay a little more but get a quality end product.

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There’s no other veg catering service near me that meets all the pre-requisites of a good caterer like Bhandarys Kitchen.

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