Top 5 Outdoor Party Venues in Bangalore

Finding a venue for an event like no other?

Bangalore is one of the most exciting cities in India. You can find music, art, and fun, all the essential elements to make a good time here. It offers great venues to hold outdoor events and capture long-lasting memories. However, picking the best outdoor party venue in Bangalore for the best party event might be challenging.

But no worries! We can help you simplify the search and pick the most-suited outdoor party venues in Bangalore. Outdoors certainly add an extra layer of fun and excitement but finding the best one is not as easy as pie. There are a lot of factors you need to contemplate before finalizing a particular one. Flexible spaces, impeccable services, ample parking, accommodation, and many such factors create experiences and bring the vision to life.

With the most versatile and prestigious venues in Bangalore, we provide here the bespoke solutions for your needs of throwing a party. Now having the best venue is not hard for you. Our useful filter will narrow down your research. Get the best options here!

Five Questions You Must Answer Yourself before Finalizing Event Venue!

All venues offer different services and amenities, but the most common factors of consideration remain the same. Trim down the options by discerning what will be required the most in the best venue. Here are some factors to consider!

1. Will it work in the outdoor setting?

Well, not every event is for the outdoors. For this, it’s better to contemplate the key objective and core functionalities of the event. If it is not meeting the outdoor criteria then prefer other options.

For example, for business meetings, conferences, or technical conferences, it would be better off looking for an indoor center instead of outdoors. So, you must get clear about whether your event will go with an outdoor setting or not.

2. Will you get the necessary equipment?

Usually, people think that just because the event is outdoors so items of equipment will not be a matter of worry. However, it’s even more desired when you are running things outdoors.

It will require an extra set of extension cords, synch cords, duck tapes, sound systems, lighting, and other electronic items. Have a detailed discussion with the event manager to get a sneak peek at all equipment availability.

3. Will the guests feel comfortable?

It’s indeed the most important question. If your guests are hesitating or are not getting services as per their requirements then it might be a mood spoiler for you. Check out all the amenities such as lighting, seating arrangement, sanitation facilities, tables, and many other aspects beforehand.

Consistent supply of drinking water, electric fans, food availability, light blankets, bug spray, sunscreen, sanitizers, and many other facilities are required to be considered. Moreover, check out if the area is bug-free and flies will not interrupt your guests at any moment.

4. Is there any arrangement for protective covers?

A sudden downpour can ruin all your arrangement in no time. So, it’s good to ask the vendor about protective covers like a marquee or canopies over the tables. Even in the hot season, the rising temperature will make the guests uncomfortable.

They ought to be protected from the sun or get a cover to keep themselves cool during the summer season. However, these covers are not available on the spot. You have to order it to save from a last-minute emergency. So, plan for it in advance.

5. Have you personally examined the area?

By personally visiting the place, you will come to know about many hidden aspects that were behind the curtain. Check out whether pest control has been done in the area or not.  Check the safety precautions taken there for the protection of all guests.

Install citronella candles or cans of light scents to keep everything protective. Also, these are part of the decoration that enhances the event look besides keeping flies out of it. Even electric fans will play the role of blowing away mosquitoes and flies, thereby keeping the surroundings clean & hygienic. A personal visit will help you get all answers to your queries.

Pro-Tip: A backup plan

This fundamental tip seems basic but has a colossal impact on the smooth functioning of all activities. As you are planning for an outdoor event so weather conditions are uncertain. Such an unfavorable situation dampens the spirit.

So, it’s better to have a backup plan ready to cope with the situation. If it rains then you should have a proper indoor arrangement or if you are having a multi-day event then schedule outdoor celebrations on a clean day or slide it to another day.

Have your ‘Plan B’ ready for all such situations as DJs, desks, food items, and all. Also, you can have portable pavilions to get sufficient coverage in case of rain. Tents setups and many other portable options can save you from delaying or postponing the event.

However, keep the budget aspect also into consideration. Arrange all your backup plans within your budget constraints as dropping down pockets on a single even wouldn’t be a good idea.

The Best Outdoor Party Venues in Bangalore

1. Balan Farm Convention Center

(99/4, 4th Main Rd, Nataraja Layout, Santrupthi Nagar, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Arekere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078)

Balan Farm Convention Center is one of the top outdoor party venues in Bangalore. It has 3 alluring banquet halls which hold the capacity of around 2k people at one time. All these halls are fully-furnished and equipped with all amenities.

The outdoor space creates a picturesque vista to make your big day even more stunning. You can host their close-knit events or even large-scale parties by accommodating around 1k people. Especially for the nuptial ceremonies, these spacious outdoor settings provide you with the best memories. The cozy ambiance helps your guests enjoy it the most. The roofs covered with red slates add a decorative look to them.

It’s a perfect venue to hold an engagement function, sangeet, wedding, reception, Mehendi, bachelor party, or even a birthday party. For corporate events, you can choose the banquet halls.


The venue has special rooms for the bride and groom and even their family members to get ready for the celebrations. It has a reserved parking area too for all vehicles where around 80 cars can be parked easily. If you prefer non-vegetarian food then they offer separate spacious kitchens for that purpose. So, it’s an ideal option for veg as well as non-veg preferences. The dining area is fabulous. You can even hold a cocktail dinner here as per your guests’ demands. The exceptional hospitality delivers a perfect experience to you.

2. Panchavati Pavilion Banquet Hall

(Panchavati Pavilion, 41, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore)

This banquet hall oozes luxury and can turn your event memorable in all capacities. With a law capacity of 600 people, you can easily host an outdoor event. It can manage even 1500 people as a floating crowd too. The grandeur of this place makes it superior to others.

The interiors are so delicate that boost up the complete feel of your occasion. It oozes luxury and adds a festive feeling to your day. The striking stage and ornamented entrance add elegance to the place. The staff is courteous and well-trained. It has a hall as well to have small event celebrations. So you can host small as well as large gatherings easily there. This serene place exudes simplicity and tradition that make your event even more beautiful than even you think.

This one is good to prefer for a reception, sangeet, engagement, wedding or a birthday party. Make it the most special day of your life by resorting to this elegant banquet hall.


The cooperative, skilled, and professional staff makes sure the whole event goes well. The trained décor personnel are available on-site to fulfill your specific demands concerning the decoration. Even you can outsource the services too. The skilled and professional caterers can amaze you with a scrumptious range of veg delicacies that surely garner your guests’ attention.

You get a handful of rooms for the couple and guests as well. The parking lot is very spacious and secure as well.

3. Tranquil Woods by Jade

(Kanakapura Rd, Badamanavarathekaval, Bengaluru)

Tucked away in serenity, this unique place is best for outdoor private party events. This venue is often chosen for weddings, birthday parties, sangeet, reception, and other intimate events, where you want to add nature’s touch and remain in a cozy environment all the time. The central courtyard, indoor space, and open lawns sprawl over a big space and can accommodate around 1500 people at one time. The close-knit or large-scale weddings, you can host any sort of event here.

For a relaxing vacation, this picturesque place is just for you. This villa in Bengaluru is equipped with all modern amenities that hold the capacity to make your event an extra special one. Its mountain view is all that you aspire to have on your special day. Away from the city bustle, you get tranquility here all the time. It has a banquet hall as well where varied functions or events can be organized. The cozy ambiance also features a swimming pool to enjoy delightful moments.


You get all sorts of amenities here. From a safety & security point of view too, this place is the best. The luggage storage, dry-cleaning services, laundry services, free Wi-Fi, airport transportation, and many more handy services you get. It provides you with ample parking space too. The experienced chef provides a wide range of perfect cuisines including, continental, Indian & even Chinese to pamper your guests. They offer delicacies that give you the complete value for your money spent. The décor team makes your dream a reality by unleashing creative ideas of decoration.

4. Pergola

(Rajajinagar (Industrial Suburb II), Bengaluru)

Wrapped in serene greenery, Pergola is another best place to exchange the vows. It is perfect to choose for hosting cultural events or weddings, etc. Scattering over 13000 Sq Ft, it carries the capacity to host 500 people in one go. The marriage lawn is snuggled with nature and is loved by everyone. The mesmerizing facilities and amazing environment make it the best environment as well.

It has everything to make your day the most memorable and extra special. The lawn area accommodates up to 350 guests and if we take it on a floating basis then it holds the capacity of 500 guests.


Pergola has a Musical Dancing Fountain that adds an extra layer of celebrations with its unique combo of lights and music. The guests love beholding this scenic vista. The decoration crew sprinkles the magic of flowers and decorative items. They work on the theme set by you and turn up the best outcomes with their skills and talent. The world-class caterers of Pergola offer you the most delectable range of cuisines of your choice. You can curate the menu as you wish. Also, the suites are luxurious and offer all amenities to comfort your guests.

5. Cavalry Cottage

(Hennur Kannur Bangaluru Road)

Offering several facets such as outdoor weddings, birthday parties, weekend events, private parties, or even picnics with small family gatherings, Cavalry Cottage has a lot to astound you. It holds the capacity to handle 300 guests. You get the freedom to embellish your outdoor event in the way you want. The ample space can be utilized for themed parties in the best possible way.

The exotic trees and greenery enhance its beauty and allow you to have your event done in the lap of nature. For all ages people and all sorts of events, this place surely boasts fun and memorable moments fulfilling the demands of everyone.


Proper access to internet facilities is there. Ample parking space offers your guests the freedom to park their vehicles. The staff is prompt and courteous. You get excellent chef services too and get the freedom to curate the menu for the event.

The list is never-ending. We hope our options will ease your research. All the best!


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