5 The Best Venues to Host a Special Event in Bangalore

Are you spying for a unique venue to host a special event in Bangalore? Packed with laneway charms, amazing facilities, and extreme comfort, Bangalore is home to amazing places where special events can be conducted. It’s hard to go wrong at the time you browse for the best one. However, having a ‘Wow Factor’ needs you to be more precise and smart so that you can really stand out and startle each of your guests.

Finding it hectic? Let us make your job easier by giving the list of best venues with their specialties. Whether you want a grand outdoor engagement venue or looking for an intimate space for small events, we have all on our list. On one platform, you can easily compare, shortlist and choose the place that suits your requirements the most. Have a look at these special venues that will make your guests talk for a long and reminisce about the event throughout their life. Enjoy!

Remember These Things before Choosing Venue

Though you know the basic stuff while looking for the best venue for a special event in Bangalore, we want you to stay aware of tiny details as well. This will keep you safe and can even turn ordinary-looking space into your dreamy location. Get a sneak peek of it!


Checking the sound quality and qualities of the room to hear the music can make your evening even more special. Check microphones, sound equipment, etc. to have better dance performances. A little know-how can save you from turning the evening into awkward silence.


Reflect on your theme by visualizing the space and every aspect. It’s better to get an idea about what your space will look like, as per the theme decided by you. Like, terrace venue is good to have mesmerizing sky views, the lawn is good if you want to keep it close to nature, and many more. The ambiance, indoor location, outdoor settings, fixtures, etc. all need to be contemplated as per a particular theme.


This can’t be overlooked. If food is not good then your whole arrangements go in vain. Prefer Bhandary’s Kitchen for a delicious food range. You can have a curated list suiting your party theme or your preferences. Even customized food items can be prepared to complement a unique taste to satiate the appetite needs of every guest. Without a proper food menu, your guests will not feel connected and start leaving the event after some time. So, it’s good to check the catering services beforehand.

Lighting Arrangements

The indoor locations such as banquet halls, need to have proper lighting arrangements. For a better view of this feature, you can visit the place at night. You will know how exactly it looks and can add something you consider necessary for a better appearance.


Though it seems usual, however, electricity, power outlets, and most importantly backup generators are necessary to contemplate to have an uninterrupted great event. Proper light arrangements are termed as the backbone of your party.


Consider booking the whole place by blocking the entry of outside guests in it, if you consider privacy on the top. Mostly it happens that same day two events occur at the same place. So, you need to have a word with the planner or service provider regarding this.

Best Venues to Host a Special Event in Bangalore

For hosting a special event you need to contemplate every tiniest detail so that the state-of-the-art facilities and warm hospitality can keep everyone contented. The innovative ways of decoration, staff experience, cozy ambiance, indoor & outdoor facilities, everything needs to be considered for hassle-free celebrations.

Besides, we urge you to go through reviews and ratings as well. It will help you get more insight into their services. Here are the top five venues you can prefer for special events in Bangalore!

1. The Ritz-Carlton

For the large gatherings and luxurious event arrangements, prefer The Ritz-Carlton. Its flexible events space, seven restaurants, spacious suites & rooms, and all luxurious amenities will startle you for sure. The elegant ambiance is paired with impeccable service by their professionals. Even if you want to have a special launch party, board meetings, corporate parties, wedding, reception, or any special ceremony, this place sets an amazing ambiance. For the wedding ceremonies, they set new standards to add incessant elegance with amazing services. They help you create memories for a lifetime with their comprehensive set of professional services.

2. Goldfinch Retreat Bengaluru

For every sort of event, meeting, holiday getaways, get together, this newly preferred event destination, Goldfinch Retreat is one of the top ones. The sophisticated ambiance complementing Indian & contemporary architecture turns your celebrations even more elegant & luxurious. Besides, it provides you with professional technical support and efficient hospitality services. The range of services with excellent quality makes this place a dream destination for any event you want to get organized. Around 600-800 people can be accommodated easily here subsuming indoor and outdoor areas.

3. Fiestaa Resort-n-Events

Located at the hub of the IT world, Fiestaa Resort-n-Events is equipped with modern amenities and facilities. The professional staff delivers quality services and makes sure that your event goes smoothly & makes memorable memories for you. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and luxurious to define the class and provide you classic experience than ever. Whether you want to hold a big party with large size gatherings or want a decent get-together, you will find the most elegant ambiance suiting your theme party quite well. The maintenance and catering by Bhandary’s Kitchen are icing on the cake. You will love satiating your appetite by adding their flavors.

4. The Tamarind Tree

Located in South Bangalore, The Tamarind Tree is the most exquisite and lavishly established spot for your special events. A perfect blend of old and new architecture, this magical ambiance is enough to put stars to your evening. The excellently crafted tapestry adds charm to the place and makes it more luxurious. Moreover, the antique doorways, cobble-stoned pathways, courtyards, and elegant pavilions will make your visit there over & over again. Your guests will surely pamper you for choosing this amazing place for your special day.

Under the stars, you will surely enjoy your evening. The panoramic beauty and the overall charm are all that you desired to have. The well-experienced staff provides top-class services. You can get the place decorated matching your theme and give it a shape as per your wish.

5. White Mist by Happy Retreats

If you are looking for the most mesmerizing sought-after banqueting facilities, then surely this one is for you. They are here to cater to each sort of your requirements well on time in an elegant way. Whether you are going to hold a small or big ceremony, they are here to make it a big success. Especially for wedding ceremonies, the ambiance, fixtures, outdoor & indoor facilities, and most importantly, the heavenly vista is all that you aspire to have. They accommodate a maximum of 700 people and welcome each of your guests in the most adorable and warm manner. They make catering arrangements as per your choice and make your evening even more special than you have imagined.

Prefer Bhandary’s Kitchen for the Best Catering Services Anywhere in Bangalore

Committed to quality, Bhandary’s Kitchen is the most preferred caterer in the whole of Bangalore. Food is the central point to make or break your event. We ensure to provide the best quality cuisines adhering to industry standards. Our services are not limited to particular events, rather we provide a wide range of services that suit every theme or event. We curate the menu as per our clients’ requirements. Our premium level of catering services is simply unparalleled and unmatched.

Approach us for the best food menu and let the guests pamper you for the same. Choose the best venue to host a special event and prefer Bhandary’s Kitchen for catering services in Bangalore. Have a great event ahead!

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