Top 10 Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore

Your wedding day symbolizes new beginnings, love, and dreams. Planning for this special day starts with finding the perfect venue. And certainly, searching for a venue that transforms the ambiance into the most cherished memories needs time and effort.

However, in the city of Bangalore where options abound, Kalyana Mantapa is the best if you want a wedding with enriched Indian culture and positive vibes. These venues are perfect for hosting ceremonies with a majestic and serene ambiance.

The impressive pillars, central platform, and thoughtful design of Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore carry special meaning. Yet, picking the perfect one remains a challenge!

Don’t stress over searching for the best Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore. We’ve gathered a list that fits your budget and provides excellent facilities.

Get ready to turn your special day into a most enchanting and unforgettable celebration!

1. Radha Krishna Kalyana Mantapa

Food type: Vegetarian only

Seating Capacity: 1200 seating | 1800 floating

Facilities available: In-house catering | A/C Rooms | In-house decorators | Parking Space 

Discover the perfect venue for your celebrations at Radha Krishna Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore. Situated on 20th Cross Rd, A Block, Sahakara Nagar, it’s spacious, affordable, and fulfills all your wishes. Its adorned ceilings, classy white decor, and expansive glass windows make it the ideal spot for grand celebrations.

The venue’s own team adds a touch of magic to your event with their creative decorations.

This venue goes the extra mile by offering accommodations for out-of-town guests and plenty of parking space. With captivating decorations and welcoming hospitality, it’s the perfect choice to make your event truly special. Celebrate the day in style!

2. PM Kalyana Mantapa

Food type: Only Vegetarian Food Allowed

Seating Capacity500 seating | 1000 floating

Facilities available: 2 Rooms Available | Ample Parking Space 

Located conveniently on Bannerghatta Road cross, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, PM Kalyana Mantapa is perfect for those seeking a spacious banquet hall. This venue offers all the facilities to make your event truly special.

The peaceful surroundings are beautifully crafted to match your style, giving you and your guests a personalized experience. If you’re looking for simplicity and elegance in your event, this is the perfect location.

3. Ganjam Mantapa

Food typeVegetarian only

Seating Capacity350 seating | 500 floating

Facilities available: A/C Rooms | Valet Parking | Parking Space 

Rooted in Indian culture, Ganjam Mantapa is located Near Shekhar Hospital, Basavangudi, Bangalore. It stands out with not just its charm but even its ability to turn any event into a grand celebration. Its exceptional way of accommodating massive gatherings makes it the top choice in the town. 

You’ll find everything you need here: big rooms, friendly service, and ample space for parking. The expert staff knows how to treat guests warmly, making sure everyone enjoys the event wholeheartedly. Besides, the decoration is awe-inspiring at this place which will surely make your event the most memorable one. Parking is ample for big crowds. This venue is sure to impress and make guests happy.

Celebrate your sacred union in the embrace of this amazing venue and make such memories that you will cherish for your whole life!

4. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Sabhangana (Girija Kalyana Mantapa)

Food type: Only Vegetarian Food 

Seating Capacity500 seating | 750 floating

Facilities available: 2 Rooms Available Fully AC | Parking Space for 30 vehicles 

This charming mantapa, situated near Sri Vinayaka Theatre, stands out with its captivating decor. From elegant designs to impeccable services, it’s an ideal option. You have the freedom to outsource catering and decoration, ensuring a personal touch for a truly special day.

Getting to the venue is easy for guests. The manager and staff work hard to make your dream event come true without any stress for you. This place offers modern facilities within your budget. It’s the perfect choice for a budget-friendly venue!

5. Chamaraju Kalyana Mandira

Food typeVegetarian only

Seating Capacity800 seating | 1000 floating

Facilities available: A/C Rooms | In-house catering & decoration | Parking Space 

Nestled on Sri Ramana Maharshi Road, Palace Grounds, Bangalore, Chamaraju Kalyana Mandira is a prime spot for upholding cultural festivities. The venue’s elegant and traditional designs make it a top choice for those seeking a South Indian Style wedding ceremony. Its decor adds a touch of grandeur, perfectly suited for celebrating special moments while staying within budget.

From intimate occasions like sangeet and jai mala ceremonies to grand celebrations, this venue makes every moment unforgettable. The banquet hall adds a touch of elegance for indoor events, while also accommodating larger gatherings in style.

Guests are treated to cozy rooms for utmost comfort. The decorators work their magic by incorporating your preferences, turning the space into a visual delight. The main stage seating is thoughtfully arranged, adding to the seamless and charming decor.

6. SKG Kalyana Mantapa

Food typeVegetarian only

Seating Capacity300 seating | 500 floating

Facilities available: A/C Rooms | In-house catering | Parking Space 

SKG Kalyana Mantapa in Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore, provides an authentic traditional setting for your guests. Meticulous attention to decor and gracious hospitality make it the prime choice for a peaceful event. The impeccable architecture creates an ambiance that’s truly breathtaking.

With friendly and attentive staff, along with top-notch facilities, everything you need for perfect celebrations is here. Even during power cuts, they have you covered with proper backups, ensuring a smooth event experience.

7. SBR Kalyana Mantapa

Food typeVegetarian only

Seating Capacity1200 seating | 1800 floating

Facilities available: A/C Rooms | In-house catering & decoration | Parking Space 

Located on Hosur Road, Attibele, Bangalore, SBR Kalyana Mantapa offers a spacious, air-conditioned hall. This venue is perfect for weddings and special events. The decor adds a touch of elegance and charm to create a beautiful ambiance for your celebrations.

The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with lockers, adding to your and the guests’ comfort. Moreover, the venue’s decor is designed to create a charming and elegant atmosphere. Lastly, convenient parking is available for guests. 

8. Kasturi Ranga Mandira

Food type: Pure Vegetarian

Seating Capacity: 500-600 

Facilities available: 2 Rooms Available | Ample Parking Space 

On MG Road, Bangalore, Kasturi Ranga Mandira offers a blend of ancient and modern charm. The thoughtfully designed decor adds to the enchantment, creating a serene and magical setting for your event. Guests will find comfort and luxury in every corner, ensuring a delightful experience.

With a team of attentive professionals, your event’s smooth execution is their priority as they meticulously handle every detail. Their impeccable facilities and services are designed to elevate your celebrations and leave you pleased with the experience.

9. Shravanthi Kalyana Mantapa

Food type: Only Vegetarian Food Allowed| Outside catering is allowed

Seating Capacity100-200 guests

Facilities available: 4 Rooms Available | Parking Space for 40 vehicles 

Shravanthi Kalyana Mantapa is located on Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. Shravanthi Kalyana Mantapa is a true gem for anyone seeking a memorable experience on their special day.

The state-of-the-art amenities add a magical touch to the event. You can even customize all that makes your day even more special and personalized. The professional staff members ensure that everything is executed perfectly. Your unique preferences are being properly taken care of here. Power backups ensure the smooth running of the event till the end.

10. Sri Rajarajeshwari Kalyana Mantapa Yelahanka

Food type: Only Vegetarian Food Allowed| Outside catering is allowed

Seating Capacity: 500 guests

Facilities available: 10 Rooms Available 

Nestled in Maruthi Nagar, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, this venue is well-known for its hospitality and the best facilities for its customers. The interiors and architecture leave the guests awe-inspired. It offers tons of services that suit your preferences and budget as well.

From electricity backup to extreme comfort levels, you get everything here. Enjoy the best time with your loved ones here. Those who seek a serene wedding experience can opt for this option.

Bottom Line

With the touch of our culture and divine vibes, these Kalyana Mantapas are perfect to turn your special day into the most blessed memory of your life. Check these options thoroughly and choose the one best suited to your needs!


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