Best Temple Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Having a destination wedding brings a lot of ideas for booking a scenic resort or pristine beach or many other spots. But have you thought of temple wedding venues?

Since weddings in India are contemplated as sacred occasions of taking vows for a lifetime and even beyond, why not make it a little more divine by choosing a religious place to tie the knot?

Let us go off the track and bring eternal charm to our lives by considering temple wedding venues in BangaloreThe sanctity and serene ambiance are peerless when you visit a temple. Nothing is better than tying the knot at such a tranquil and holy place featuring spiritual aura, mystical vibes and calmness.

We have enlisted the top most temple wedding venues in Bangalore to ease your venue selection process. Contemplate these options and embark on your new journey with God’s blessings!

Iskcon Temple

One of the largest branches of Iskcon Temples is located in Bangalore. This Radha Krishna Iskcon temple is located on the top of Hare Krishna Hill, Rajaji Nagar, North Bangalore. Sprawled over this seven-acre hill, Iskcon Temple has a modern twist blended with mesmerizing interiors and a stunning pond. These qualities make it one of the best-sacred destinations for weddings.

The whole layout and design of the temple are inspired by spiritual learning and Vedic culture. At night, the illuminated temple gives holy and sacred vibes that enhance the appearance of contemporary and classic Dravidian styles of architecture.

Usually, the couple chooses this location because of its spiritual importance, sacredness, and holy vibes. Moreover, its architecture inspires people to hold an event and begin their new life with the blessings of Radha Krishna. The symbol of love, this temple attracts people for their weddings and garb blessedness for their entire life. All the rituals are carried on wholeheartedly by the families at this divine place.

Sri TirumalagiriVenkateswaraSwamy Temple

Located in JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bengaluru, Sri TirumalagiriVenkateswaraSwamy temple holds great importance in spiritual terms. Besides spiritual importance, this temple is known as a famous wedding spot as well. People choose this destination to tie the nuptial knot at such a holy place and live life happily ever after.

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Lord Venkateshwara), the central attraction point is also the idol of Lord Venkateshwara. This image is contemplated as a replica of Lord Vishnu’s idol at Tirumala (Andhra Pradesh). All the ceremonies of a wedding can be happily completed here as this temple has all the amenities.

KoteVenkataramana Temple

One of the most prestigious temples in the whole of Karnataka is KoteVenkataramana Temple. The style of architecture is Vijayanagara and Dravidian. The artistic elevation enhances the outlook of the temple and brings stars to its appearance.

If you are looking for a tranquil place with a sacred ambiance to tie the knot and start a new phase of your life then this temple is simply for you. It combines tranquility and luxury as the artistic appearance makes an exclusive atmosphere for your memorable day. The stunning charm besides having comfort and all amenities make this place a must-visit. You can simply choose this one for your destination temple wedding venue in Bangalore.

You must have to follow the Hindu rituals to enter the temple and also perform wedding ceremonies, proper implementation of all rules is necessary. Moreover, the temple has enough space to handle your family & friends. It’s a great option for the best wedding ever.

Shivoham Shiva Temple

Amid one of the most exotic temple wedding venues in Bangalore, Shivoham Shiva Temple provides a special range of services in case of wedding or party gathering. Here, Lord Shiva’s 65-foot-tall statue is the central point of attraction. This alluring statue wherein Lord Shiva is sitting on a tiger skin in a lotus position against the backdrop of Mount Kailash’s icy abode grabs every visitor’s attention. Just as a small yet amazing exhibition, the aisle of mountains manifests Lord Shiva.

Every visitor gets engaged in meaningful prayers and attains in-depth peace. The significance of prayers is explained by priests who make people understand the meaning & importance of the same. This sacred place is highly recommended for weddings and gatherings.

The sacredness and calm environment bring stars to the wedding ambiance. With the blessings of Lord Shiva, the couples initiate their new journey by performing all wedding rituals. Here, you don’t have to worry about the festivities and arrangements for the guests as this temple is brimmed with all amenities.

Ragigudda Sri PrasannaAnjaneyaswamy Temple

This landmark temple with a scenic vista is a remarkable place for weddings and other functions. It is situated on the stone hill in Jayanagar. It has a dining hall capacity of around 150 people, so you can host a small gathering or family members at the pious place easily. Its reception hall can host 250 people at one time. It’s a pure vegetarian hall where you can satisfy the taste buds of your guests.

The reception hall is big and provides a sacred ambiance to every guest present over there. However, there’s no facility for AC here. Also, there are two rooms available and both are non-air-conditioned. These can be utilized for resting or changing purposes. The wedding process can be smoothly carried on here.

Not just for the wedding, people secure their bookings for function hall to get their other events done as well such as anniversary, birthday party, annual function, engagement, naming ceremony, get together, project party, seminar, team outing, sangeet function and any other event that they want to host.

It is always recommended to have details, and go through all amenities and price details of the temple wedding venue. Every wedding function or other function has a different price range.

Choose the Best Temple Wedding Venue in Bangalore

It’s not easy to get a dreamy wedding venue contemplating sacredness and divinity. However, these options given above provide you with good hospitality and enough amenities to host an event. These are some of the best temple wedding venues in Bangalore that are perfect to start a new life and tie a knot with your special one.

These temple venues make sure that you wouldn’t go back unsatisfied. The holy environment and blessings of the Gods and Goddesses will make your wedding memorable & perfect. The celebrations combined with blessings add unforgettable vibes to their lives. Contemplate all the options, compare with your conditions and add eternal bliss to your lives by choosing the best ones.


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