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Food is an essential part of any event. The way the food is served at a gathering plays a very important role in determining the mood and feel. When the food for an event is catered, the main idea is to serve guests in a special way.

Catering services in Whitefield, Bangalore, meet the needs of various types of occasions, festivals, parties, informal settings, and corporate events.

Before having a professional caterer on board, it is important to be aware of spatial and contextual constraints, and may be the profile of your guests. Guests always value, appreciate and remember good food. 

The delicious food options and dozens of menus given by a caterer can we quite overwhelming. It can literally be tough to determine where to start.

Understanding the different types of catering services is often a good place to start. If you want to make a lasting impression on your attendees, check out these catering styles offered by catering services in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Types of Catering Styles

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is one of the most common forms of large-scale catering. No wedding reception is complete without an array of dishes to satisfy the appetite of your guests. Good food has a huge impact on the special day of a couple. If you want to make sure everyone celebrates, pay attention to every aspect of wedding catering. This style of catering includes appetizers, multiple courses, multiple sides, dessert counters and more.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, it is almost mandatory to hire a trustworthy caterer. Working with catering services in Whitefield, Bangalore, will ensure everyone is well-fed and has energy for the rest of the function. While the wedding menu should echo to the tastes of the bride and groom, it should also appeal to the diversity of the guests and cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. 

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Corporate Catering

The first aspect to look for in corporate catering is the size of the event and what type of function the event will serve. It all depends on what impression you want to convey to the attendees of the meeting.

Corporate functions may range from small gatherings to fancy dinners. Whether it’s an intra-office meeting or a large-scale business seminar, we cannot overlook the importance of good food. Box lunches, continental breakfasts and sandwich platters are corporate catering favorites.

Most companies today look for practical corporate catering services. However, professional presentation and efficient planning are key qualities this type of catering requires.

Buffet Catering

This is another catering style we’re all familiar with. Be it a wedding, corporate event, private party, most hosts resort to this catering style because it is generally the easiest to execute. Guests too love this setup because it gives them the freedom to choose what they want and in what quantity. They can eat to their hearts content too.

Sit-down Catering

These days, sit-down dinners have become quite popular. If you are hosting high profile delegates, this is the catering option you must go in for. It is looked at as an elegant way to serve your guests because it involves fancy crockery and cutlery. However, sit-down catering works slightly on the higher side. But if you want your guests to thoroughly enjoy your hospitality, this is what you must choose.

Sit-down settings usually work for baby and bridal showers and reception dinners. Since these functions are intimate and demand attention to detail, guests to feel valued when they are served every course personally. Due to their small nature, caterers also make an effort to service a client’s specific dietary needs.

Bento Catering

Today, in offices, employees don’t want to regular Indian and Chinese food options, they are looking beyond. To satisfy their needs, bento catering has gained immense recognition. Bento is a Japanese term meaning ‘convenient’. It is generally a single-portion packed meal that consists of an appetizer, main course and dessert in a box-shaped container. The meal served in the box is generally for one person. 

Social Event Catering

There are a wide range of social events these days. From birthday parties to Christmas parties, people just need a reason to celebrate. Finger food and bartenders are pre-requisites of such events. Compared to other styles of catering, social event catering is pretty chilled out and easy going. Whether it’s a bridal shower or retirement party, catering services in Whitefield, Bangalore, excel at offering the best in terms of the quality of food and table setting. Paying attention to type, style and presentation is what adds special uniqueness to the event. Catering for a social gathering requires some form of finesse which only professional caterers can fulfill.

Food Truck Catering

With youngsters, food trucks have become an extremely popular catering option especially for small outdoor functions with many food vendors. Food selection can range from simple to fancy, depending on the nature of the event. This type of catering works for a casual outdoor event in a garden setting.

No matter what catering style you’re looking for, Bhandarys Kitchen has the capacity to cater to any number of people and to any kind of event. Offering a seamless blend of lip-smacking food and professional setting is our forte.

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